“Kill Right to Rent” is a campaign to abolish the racist ‘right to rent’ legislation that was introduced by the Immigration Act 2014.

Piloted in the West Midlands, the ‘right to rent’ requires landlords and agents to check the immigration status of potential tenants or lodgers. If landlords or agents fail to complete checks and/or rent to someone without immigration status, they could face a £3000 civil penalty. In effect, landlords must operate as immigration agents for the government.

Research conducted by the Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants into the Coalition government’s pilot scheme found that as a result of the ‘right to rent’:

  • 65% of landlords interviewed would be less likely to rent to someone who required a little time to provide documentation
  • 42% of landlords interviewed would be less likely to consider renting to someone who does not have a British passport
  • 27% of landlords interviewed would be less likely to open discussions with someone who ‘had a name which doesn’t sound British’ or ‘had a foreign accent’

The ‘right to rent’ will only intensify the discrimination that migrants and people of colour face in their search for housing, exacerbating the housing crisis for particularly vulnerable communities.

Homes Not Borders are building a movement to abolish the racist ‘right to rent’. As people directly affected by this policy, we are organising our communities through building relationships, developing bonds of solidarity work across the diverse, migrant, non-migrant, communities of colour. We will use all tools at our disposal including direct action.

What are your first-hand experiences with Right to Rent (passport checks)?

As part of our campaign against the Right to Rent legislation, and in support of the fantastic work being conducted by the Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants, we are asking for your first-hand experiences with the Right to Rent.

It will be important to build up a portfolio of cases which highlight the damaging impacts that this piece of discriminatory legislation is having. If you have struggled to rent a home because of the right to rent legislation then please email us at homesnotborders@gmail.com or get in touch with us here

We must resist the expansion of these racist immigration checks!

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