Homes Not Borders is a growing collective that aims to provide a strong platform for taking action against racist and anti-migrant housing policies and practices.

In Britain we have long been deep in the midst of a severe housing crisis. Within this crisis, working class black and brown people and migrant communities’ right to access secure housing is under increased attack by racist and anti-migrant government policies such as ‘right to rent’, and discriminatory practices carried out by unscrupulous landlords.

We aim to highlight and spread awareness of the racist and xenophobic consequences of such housing policies and practices in Britain. We aim to create a powerful grassroots resistance to such racist and anti-migrant housing policies and practices.

We are composed of working class communities of various backgrounds and immigration statuses. We are struggling for secure and genuinely affordable homes. We will use a diversity of tactics and actions.  We will create an anti-racist and migrant supportive housing climate.